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The STIHL concrete cutting saws lead the global market with unmatched performance. Renowned for their high quality, these tools are essential for professional construction jobs. When tasks demand cutting through concrete, steel, stone, or asphalt, STIHL concrete saws deliver with precision and power. Durability and reliability are the hallmarks of these saws, making them the go-to choice for cutting various tough materials.
Concrete Saws

How do I choose the right concrete saw for my project?

Selecting the right concrete saw hinges on understanding your project's specific requirements. STIHL SHOP concrete saws are designed for a range of professionals, from civil engineers to landscapers. Consider the material type—be it concrete, asphalt, or stone—to determine the ideal blade and power. Assess the saw's depth capacity based on the slab thickness you'll encounter. Opt for a wet-cutting saw if dust control is a priority in your work. STIHL SHOP offers both handheld and cart options to allow you to walk-behind the machine, to suit various job scales. Check the motor strength to ensure it aligns with your cutting demands. Durability should be a key factor in your decision, given the tough nature of construction work. Talk to an expert today for trusted advice.

When to use a Concrete Saw?

Concrete saws are indispensable when precise, deep cuts in masonry materials are required. They're ideal for creating expansion joints in concrete slabs or for cutting through reinforced concrete. Use these saws when working on road construction for cutting asphalt. They excel in demolition tasks, efficiently slicing through concrete walls or floors. In landscaping, concrete saws facilitate shaping stone or brick for aesthetic designs. They're useful in plumbing or electrical work for creating access in concrete structures. 

When re-modelling, a concrete saw can precisely cut through concrete for new installations. For any project involving masonry, concrete, or asphalt, a concrete saw is the tool of choice. Their precision and power make them essential for both renovation and new construction. Always opt for a concrete saw when accuracy and efficiency are top priorities in your work.

Are Concrete Saws for professionals?

STIHL SHOP concrete saws are engineered with professionals in mind, delivering performance that meets demanding standards. Their robust construction makes them suitable for heavy-duty use in construction sites. Professionals in road building greatly benefit from the precision and power of these saws. Civil engineers rely on them for accurate cutting in complex projects. Landscaping experts appreciate the saws' ability to shape hard materials with ease to create intricate designs. Their reliable performance ensures uninterrupted work, crucial for professional settings. Concrete saws from STIHL SHOP are built to withstand the rigors of daily use by professionals. Their safety features and ergonomic design cater to professional needs. The STIHL concrete saws are the preferred choice for professionals seeking efficiency, precision, and durability.

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