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Hedges serve as a natural fence, offering privacy, dampening street noise, and enhancing the aesthetics of your outdoor space in New Zealand. With a STIHL petrol hedge trimmer at your disposal, maintaining those lush green barriers becomes a seamless task. Our petrol hedge trimmers are not only lightweight and powerful but are also crafted to make hedge maintenance a painless activity. Embrace the ease of trimming with our specialist tools, designed to redefine your gardening experience.

Petrol Hedge Trimmers

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STIHL petrol hedge trimmers are the epitome of power designed to cater to both light and heavy-duty gardening needs. Our range features anti-vibration technology and optimal balance, ensuring a comfortable grip even during extended use. 

Experience the quality of a STIHL garden tool with features such as double-sided reciprocating blades, anti-vibration technology, and integrated cut protection, all aimed at facilitating a smooth and efficient trimming process.

Are Petrol hedge trimmers worth it?

Absolutely, petrol hedge trimmers offer a range of benefits that make them a worthy investment for any garden enthusiast or professional landscaper. These trimmers provide unrivalled power, allowing for quick and efficient trimming of even the thickest hedges. 

While they require regular maintenance, the freedom of movement and the ability to work without worrying about battery life or cord length makes them a preferred choice for larger gardens or commercial spaces. Moreover, their long lifespan ensures that you get value for your investment, making them a reliable tool in the long run.

What to consider when buying a petrol hedge trimmer

When considering a petrol hedge trimmer, focus on aspects such as the weight of the machine, blade length, and the type of handle (rotatable handles offer more flexibility). Additionally, consider the noise level and the availability of anti-vibration technology to ensure comfortable use. It's also essential to evaluate the trimmer's power source, and understand what your needs are versus what power source can meet that requirement. For more information about choosing the right the right trimmer read our Hedge Trimmers Buyers Guide

Are petrol hedge trimmers better than electric?

Electric hedge trimmers, while affordable and user-friendly, are often limited by the length of their cord, restricting mobility during use. On the other hand, cordless battery-powered hedge trimmers offer greater freedom but are bound by battery life. In contrast, petrol hedge trimmers stand as the most powerful option, capable of tackling extensive and thick hedges with ease. Although they are noisier and require petrol, their power and efficiency often outweigh these minor inconveniences, making them a fantastic choice for those seeking performance and durability in their hedge trimmers.

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