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As your local specialist, STIHL SHOP is thrilled to introduce our range of robotic lawnmowers. These state-of-the-art robot lawn mowers are designed to automate your lawn care routine, offering a seamless blend of lawn care technology and convenience, thereby redefining the art of lawn mowing. Browse the range below:

IMOW Robotic Lawnmowers


Embark on a journey of effortless lawn maintenance with STIHL's premium range of robotic lawnmowers. Our curated selection embodies the perfect blend of innovation and efficiency, offering a futuristic approach to lawn care in New Zealand. 

Browse through our collection and find the robot mower that aligns with your needs, promising a lush, green lawn with minimal effort. Experience the joy of owning pristine lawns achieved with cutting-edge technology housed in each robotic lawnmower we offer.

Benefits of STIHL Robotic Lawnmowers

Step into a new era of lawn maintenance with STIHL's robotic lawnmowers, a beacon of innovation and convenience. These technological marvels offer a plethora of benefits that go beyond just mowing your lawn. 

      • Quiet Operation: Enjoy the peace and tranquillity of your garden as the robot mower operates silently, allowing you to relax without the noise of a traditional lawnmower.
      • iMOW® Robotic Drive: A specialized drive function that allows the iMOW® to navigate and mow sloping terrain effectively.

      • Automated Scheduling: Set up automatic mowing sessions at your convenience, allowing for a well-maintained lawn with minimal effort on your part.
      • Adaptive Technology: These mowers adapt to the unique contours of your lawn, ensuring an even and precise cut every time, showcasing the lush greenery of New Zealand in your backyard.
      • All-Round Sensors: Incorporates safety sensors that halt operation if the mower is lifted during use. It also offers PIN protection to prevent unauthorized use.

Are these Robotic Lawnmowers good for small or large lawns?

STIHL's range of robotic lawnmowers is designed to cater to both small and large lawns.

Visit your Local Store for a Demo or Consultation

Your journey to an effortlessly beautiful lawn begins at your local STIHL SHOP. As a specialist retailer, we invite you to visit us for a consultation on our robotic lawnmowers. Experience the latest lawn care technology and gain insights from our experts who are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Complete our enquiry form and your local store will be in contact with you.

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