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STIHL pole chainsaws provide a long reach, allowing you to trim high branches while safely standing on the ground. Available in both petrol and battery pole chainsaws, shop all chainsaws online now at STIHL SHOP.

Pole & Garden Pruners

At STIHL SHOP, you can find lightweight yet powerful STIHL battery pole chainsaws and petrol pole chainsaws, these models are suitable for homeowners and professionals alike. Our collection of chainsaws, including a range of STIHL pole pruners put high trimming jobs within reach, giving you the power and precision to trim high branches. All our models have balanced weight, smooth cutting operation and high cutting performance.

Pole Pruners at STIHL Shop

Pole pruners at STIHL feature a sharp, well-crafted blade that ensures that each cut is clean, promoting plant health and aesthetic appeal. Featuring an ergonomic design, our selection of modern pruners are developed with users in mind, ensuring comfort and reducing strain during those extended pruning sessions.

Made with quality materials, our garden pruners are built to last, standing up to the challenges of diverse garden environments.

Choosing the Right Pole Pruner with STIHL

With a variety of pruners available, making the right choice is crucial. Different tasks require different types of pole pruners. Firstly, how tall & thick are the branches you will be trimming? Secondly are you looking for a battery or a petrol model?

STIHL Warranty for Pole Pruners

Pole and garden pruners for private, home and/or farming use at STIHL come with a 2-year warranty. Alternatively, if you are using your tool for professional use, this comes with a 6-month warranty. Read more about our warranty terms here.

Pole Pruner FAQs

Find commonly asked questions on garden chainsaws below.

What is the difference between a pole saw and a pole pruner?

Pole pruner usually refers to the manual version of the pole saw, whereas the pole saw refers to the powered version. However, both terms can be used interchangeably.

How thick of a tree can a pole saw cut?

This depends on the size of the cutting bar and the power of the tool. It is specified on each product page.

Can I use a pole saw to cut wood?

STIHL pole saws are intended for use on tree brunches and/or trunks that are a couple of inches thick. When cutting into thicker pieces of wood we recommend using a chainsaw. Pole saws are also designed for cutting branches above shoulder height. Find out more in our article: Chainsaw vs Pole Pruner: What is the difference?

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