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At STIHL SHOP we have the right chainsaw sharpening tool for every type of Chainsaw User. To achieve good results while filing, always starts with the shortest tooth and make sure you get the right angle. After sharpening, all the teeth should be the same length.
Chainsaw Sharpening

Using a dull chain is one of the most common causes of chainsaw accidents. At STIHL, we provide a comprehensive range of chainsaw sharpening tools for your chains. Ensuring your chainsaw is sharp not only guarantees efficiency but also increases safety during operations. Give your chainsaw chains regular maintenance for the best cutting performance. 

With our range of chainsaw files and sharpeners, maintaining your chainsaw’s edge is straightforward and efficient. Trust in STIHL's quality and expertise to ensure your chainsaw operates at its best, ensuring safety and precision with every cut.

Types of Chainsaw Sharpening Tools

At STIHL, we offer a diverse range of sharpening tools tailored for every chainsaw user. From easy to use 2 in 1 chainsaw files, to a chainsaw sharpening kit that includes all your essential sharpening tools and more, shopping for chainsaw sharpening tools has never been easier with STIHL SHOP.

Chainsaw File Handles and Accessories

To ensure comfort and precision during the sharpening process, at STIHL we also offer a range of file handles. Our collection includes a range of durable plastic handles suitable for various types of chainsaw files and the classic wooden file handle that offers an extra firm grip for easy sharpening.

Ensure Maximum Safety with Proper Chainsaw Sharpening

A dull chainsaw chain poses risks, from uneven cuts to potential accidents. Achieving the right sharpening angle ensures that the chainsaw operates efficiently, reducing the chances of kickbacks and ensuring clean cuts. Regular sharpening also extends the lifespan of your chainsaw, making it a crucial aspect of chainsaw maintenance.

Chainsaw Files & Sharpening FAQs

Below are our most frequently asked questions on chainsaw files and chainsaw sharpening.

How do I know when my chainsaw needs sharpening?

The best way to identify when your chainsaw needs sharpening is when your chainsaw produces uneven cuts, requires more force, or produces more sawdust than wood chips. 

How do I choose the right sharpening tool for my chainsaw?

As there are many different sizes of chain, it is important to use the right sized file that corresponds with your chain. This can be done by establishing the pitch of your chain. If you are new to chain sharpening STIHL make a Easy File which simplifies the process of sharpening your saw chain by completing two functions at once – filing both the cutting edges of the teeth (i.e. the sharp bit!) and the depth gauge. STIHL also make separate round files, flat files and file handles so you can have a mix and match selection to suit you! This will be a more cost-effective option if you have several chains with different pitches that need sharpening. 

Can I use STIHL sharpening tools on chainsaws from other brands?

Yes, STIHL sharpening tools are versatile and can be used on chains from various brands, provided they match the chain specifications.

For more information about Chainsaw Sharpening, read our guide.

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