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The easy to use STIHL GTA 26 Garden Pruner is the perfect tool for pruning trees and shrubs, cutting up garden waste and general building work.
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The light and easy to use STIHL GTA 26 Battery Garden Pruning saw is a game changer, trim small branches with ease, cut up your garden waste faster and even take on general building tasks, this tool can do it all.

Battery Garden Pruners at STIHL

The STIHL GTA 26 Garden Prunner is powered by a rechargeable battery, offering gardeners the freedom to move around without the constraints of cords or the manual effort required by traditional pruners. With consistent power at their fingertips, with the STIHL GTA garden pruner, users can achieve precise and clean cuts, ensuring the health and aesthetics of their plants. 

The efficiency and lightweight design of our battery-operated pruner makes it ideal for extended pruning sessions, especially for users with larger gardens or orchards. For extended use you will need a second battery as due to the small & compact design of the tool the battery runtime is limited to 25 minutes or 80 cuts.

STIHL Garden Pruner Key Features

Featuring a lightweight and compact design, our battery garden hand tools will make every day gardening a breeze. With our garden pruner, you can ensure clean and precise cuts giving plants a neat appearance and promoting their health by preventing diseases. Made with users in mind, with our garden pruner you can ensure maximum comfort when using it without any hand strain or fatigue.

Garden Pruner Maintenance Tips

Like all tools, garden pruners need regular care. After each use, clean the bar & chain to remove sap and debris. This not only ensures smooth operation but also prolongs sharpness. Periodic sharpening is also essential, especially if the pruner is frequently used. And when not in use, store the tool in a dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Garden Pruner Product Warranty at STIHL

Garden pruners used for private, home and/or farming use at STIHL come with a 2-year warranty. Alternatively, if you are using your battery garden pruner for professional use, this comes with a 6-month warranty. Read more about our warranty terms here.

Battery Garden Pruner FAQs

Below are our most frequently asked questions on battery garden pruners.

How do cordless garden pruners differ from battery-operated ones?

Cordless pruners and battery-operated pruners are the same kind of tool this is an interchangeable term.

How often should I sharpen my garden pruner?

It's advisable to sharpen your garden pruner at the onset of the main pruning season or whenever you notice a dip in its cutting efficiency. It is also possible to purchase a replacement chain. Regular cleaning, timely sharpening, and proper storage practices help extend your pruner's life.

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