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STIHL's range of professional blowers is the epitome of power and efficiency, tailored for large-scale cleaning tasks. Whether it's the meticulous upkeep of parks, public spaces, or event venues, our blowers are up to the challenge. At STIHL SHOP, we offer both handheld and backpack blower versions, ensuring that professionals have the right tools to keep outdoor spaces pristine.
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Elevate your landscaping game with STIHL's professional blowers. Designed with professionals in mind, our comprehensive range promises unmatched power, comfort, and durability. Whether you prefer the mobility of a handheld blower or the sustained power of a backpack version, STIHL SHOP has got you covered. Each machine is easy to use, ensuring that you can clear leaves, debris, and more with unparalleled efficiency.

Are backpack leaf blowers worth it?

Absolutely! Backpack leaf blowers offer a perfect balance of power and mobility, making them invaluable for extensive cleaning tasks. Their design distributes weight evenly across the user's back, allowing for prolonged use without fatigue. Moreover, their larger fuel tanks mean longer runtimes, ensuring that professionals can tackle vast areas without frequent refuels. For those dealing with expansive properties or commercial spaces, backpack leaf blowers are undoubtedly a worthy investment.

Are backpack leaf blowers heavy?

While backpack leaf blowers are designed to be more substantial than handheld versions, their ergonomic design ensures that the weight is evenly distributed, minimising strain on the user. Most models are crafted with lightweight materials, and the padded straps provide added comfort. This design ensures that even during extended use, the user experiences minimal fatigue, making them a preferred choice for many landscaping professionals.

What is the warranty for professional leaf blowers & backpack leaf blowers?

All STIHL tools, including professional and backpack leaf blowers, purchased online come with the same product warranty as in-store purchases, ensuring a minimum period of 6 Months Warranty when used in professional settings. Find out more information about the STIHL Warranty here

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