Cordless & Battery Electric Lawnmowers

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Quiet and light, our Cordless Electric Lawnmowers will help you achieve a perfect finish on your lawn in no time. They start at the push of a button and there is no need to buy or store petrol. STIHL Battery Electric Lawnmowers take the effort out of mowing the lawns.
Cordless/Battery Electric Lawnmowers

Cordless and Battery-powered Electric lawnmowers offer an easy solution to lawn mowing. As the name suggests, these lawnmowers are battery-powered compared to traditional petrol lawnmowers. 

The STIHL Battery Electric Lawn mowers use high-quality STIHL lithium-Ion technology to power the mower. You will love not needing to mix petrol, use cords or deal with exhaust emissions. The batteries can be recharged after use. 

Our battery lawn mowers are environmentally friendly and they are also extremely quiet and compact. The best part is how easy they are to use, ideal for small to medium lawns and in noise-restricted areas. 

Key Features and Benefits

Improved run times: Cutting at least 250m² (recommended battery) of lawn with one charge
Multi-use batteries:
Batteries are compatible with other STIHL power tools
Rechargeable Batteries:
STIHL Batteries are rechargeable
Zero emissions and no fossil fuels
Quiet operation:
Less noise pollution
Push to start operation:
Easy start-up and power off

Battery & Cordless Lawnmowers FAQs:

See below for our most frequently asked questions about battery and cordless Lawnmowers.

How long does the battery last on a STIHL cordless lawnmower? 

This can vary depending on the battery you use and lawnmower model. The smallest STIHL battery lawn mower can mow approximately 250m² of lawn with one charge using the recommended AK 20 Battery.

Can I use the same battery for other STIHL tools?

Yes, many STIHL outdoor power tools are designed to use the same battery. 

How do battery mowers perform compared to petrol mowers? 

The best battery mowers perform as well as or even better than top petrol lawn mowers. If the battery does run out, you can easily swap it out for another. 

Are battery mowers eco-friendly?

Yes, they don't produce emissions and don't use fossil fuels compared to petrol-powered mowers. At STIHL SHOP we can also recycle your battery.

What are the disadvantages of a battery lawnmower?

The main disadvantage of using a battery is that there is a limited runtime based on the battery size. However, you can simply recharge the battery or swap it out with a backup battery. 

How long is the warranty on STIHL Lawnmowers?

STIHL Lawnmowers come with a warranty of up to two years for private, home, or farming use. Professional usage warranty varies. STIHL Polymer Bodied/decked Lawnmowers receive a 10-year warranty on the polymer body (not associated parts) the handle and the catcher. Read our Warranty Terms here.


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