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STIHL SHOP carries the complete range of high-quality STIHL Chainsaws. We have the right Chainsaw for all tasks, from big to small. From saws designed for home property maintenance to high-performance Chainsaws used to fell trees in the forest, our range is as varied as the challenges you face from nature.

STIHL Chainsaws are used for a variety of tasks such as cutting firewood, trimming trees, and clearing brush. At STIHL SHOP we have a STIHL Chainsaw to suit every New Zealander’s requirement, from garden maintenance to forestry use. 

STIHL Chainsaws are high quality and engineered to precise German standards. We have Petrol, Electric and Battery models available. With over 40 models to choose from, we have New Zealand’s widest range of Chainsaws to suit all needs. Order online for home delivery or click & collect in store within 1-hour of ordering.

STIHL Chainsaw FAQs:

See below for our most frequently asked questions about chainsaws.

What are the types of Chainsaws? 

Chainsaws can be powered by petrol, electricity, or battery. STIHL has all three solutions to meet our customers' needs. View our range of Petrol Chainsaws, Electric Chainsaws and Battery/Cordless Chainsaws online or in-store.

With other 40 chainsaws in the range there is sure to be a model with the power & features to suit your cutting tasks. Find out more from our How to Choose a Chainsaw Blog 

What are the benefits of using a Chainsaw?

A chainsaw is a powerful and versatile garden tool. It can be used for tasks such as trimming branches, cutting firewood, removing tree stumps, and felling trees. Chainsaws are best suited to work below your shoulder level for anything higher you should use a pole pruner.

Are bigger Chainsaws better?

The Chainsaw you decide to buy really depends on the type of garden work you are doing. A small chainsaw will be ideal in many instances because it will be lighter and easier to handle. Look for a well-balanced machine with a good power-to-weight ratio: light enough for you to manage, with the power to do the job. If you have large trees to fell or big branches to cut into firewood, you will need a bigger Chainsaw with more power to get the job done. Learn more in our blog about How to choose your Chainsaw.

How does STIHL make good Chainsaws?

As the No. 1 Chainsaw manufacturer in the world and with nearly 100 years of experience, STIHL knows a thing or two about Chainsaws. STIHL Chainsaws and tools are built to last with our focus on excellent build quality and engineering. They are rigorously tested to ensure they meet high quality performance.

How long is the warranty on STIHL Chainsaws?

STIHL Chainsaws come with a warranty of two years for private, home or farming use, this can be extended to 4 years for petrol chainsaws, if you purchase our high quality HP ultra oil and service your Chainsaw annually.  Professional usage warranty varies. Read our fully Warranty Terms here.

What is a good entry level Chainsaw? 

The STIHL entry-level chainsaws have many of the same design features as the STIHL professional saws used by forestry workers. You should purchase the lightest chainsaw that has the power required to perform your tasks, the lighter the saw, the easier and safer it is to use, additionally, you will be able to work longer without tiring. Battery chainsaws easier to use, and they are usually lighter. Petrol is a good option if you want to work for really long periods away from electricity. Check out the STIHL range of entry-level chainsaws here.

What is the best rated Chainsaw?

STIHL Chainsaws have a reputation for being number 1. They are high quality and high performance. With a wide range of over 40 models to choose from, the best one will depend on what jobs you need it to do. If you need help choosing the right saw check out our blog How to Choose a Chainsaw


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