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Crafted with excellence in New Zealand, our range of petrol wood chippers and mulchers stand as a testament to durability and efficiency. These machines effortlessly transform garden waste into valuable mulch, chipping both hardwood and soft foliage. Every petrol mulcher in our lineup is designed for robust landscaping tasks, offering portable solutions to manage debris with ease. Safety features are integrated into each model, ensuring users can operate equipment with confidence. As a Specialist Outdoor Equipment Supplier, we provide expert advice to select the perfect machine for your needs.

Petrol Wood Chippers & Mulchers

What are the advantages of using a petrol wood chipper/mulcher?

Petrol wood chippers offer unmatched versatility, allowing for operation in locations without access to electrical power, and enhancing their portability. These powerful machines excel in efficiency, capable of processing large amounts of branches and leaves swiftly. Petrol mulchers deliver consistent performance for extended periods, making them ideal for landscaping projects. Enhanced safety mechanisms ensure operators can tackle garden waste reduction tasks safely. Overall, petrol wood chippers are a reliable choice for transforming debris into useful landscaping material.

How do petrol wood chippers/mulchers work?

Petrol wood chippers and mulchers operate by drawing in branches, leaves, and other garden waste through a feeding chute. Inside, a high-speed cutting mechanism efficiently chips the material into smaller pieces. These chipped materials are then expelled, ready to be used as mulch or for easy and beneficial disposal. Fuel-powered engines drive these machines, providing the necessary power for consistent, heavy-duty chipping and mulching. 

What types of wood materials can a petrol wood chipper & mulcher handle?

STIHL petrol wood chippers and mulchers are engineered to handle a wide range of materials, from dense hardwood to softer green foliage. These machines efficiently break down branches, transforming them into fine chips suitable for mulching or composting. Leaves and smaller garden debris are also easily processed. Even landscaping waste that includes mixed materials can be managed, offering a comprehensive solution for garden maintenance. 

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