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Our battery Chainsaws are some of the lightest in our range, you cannot beat them for ease and convenience, no fuel to mix just push the button and go. STIHL Cordless Chainsaws are also very quiet, so quiet you don't even need to wear ear muffs, and they have no exhaust.
Cordless Battery Chainsaws

STIHL battery chainsaws have many of the same features as our petrol chainsaws, but have the added advantage of being quiet and extremely easy to use. The STIHL Cordless Chainsaws have long-lasting batteries and clean smooth-cutting performance.

Combining efficiency with eco-friendliness, our selection of cordless battery chainsaws offers great convenience and has transformed the way we approach wood-cutting tasks, making them more accessible and user-friendly.

Benefits of Battery Chainsaws at STIHL

Battery chainsaws come with a number of benefits from quiet operation and ease of use to eco-friendliness. Our battery chainsaws operate silently, making them perfect for residential and noise-sensitive areas. The cordless feature of the battery chainsaw allows ease of use. Forget about fuel mixing; just push a button and you're good to go! Experience steady power without the constraints of cords or the unpredictability of fuel with our battery chainsaws. 

Key Features of Cordless Chainsaws

Before purchasing your new battery chainsaw, there are key features you should consider.

    • Compact Design: A lightweight and manageable design makes the tool easier to use.

    • Battery Life: A crucial factor, it determines how long you can work uninterrupted.

    • Bar Length: This will dictate the size of wood you can tackle.

    • Safety Features: Battery Chainsaws are just as dangerous as petrol saws make sure you invest in safety gear.

Battery chainsaws, with their myriad or benefits, are a testament to technological advancement they offer a blend of convenience, efficiency, and eco-friendliness, making them a top choice for both professionals and hobbyists in New Zealand. Shop all chainsaws including cordless battery chainsaws online.

Battery Chainsaw FAQs

Find the top frequently asked questions on cordless chainsaws below.

How do battery chainsaws compare to traditional petrol chainsaws?

While both have their merits, battery chainsaws are quieter, more environmentally friendly, and generally require less maintenance.

How long does a typical battery chainsaw last on a full charge?

This will vary depending on the Chainsaw and the capacity of the battery. All our product pages list the average run times with each compatible battery.

Are battery chainsaws suitable for heavy-duty tasks?

Battery technology is advancing rapidly and the STIHL range now contains battery models that are just as powerful as petrol models.

STIHL Shop Battery Chainsaw Purchasing & Warranty

All battery chainsaws at STIHL shop used for private, home for farming use come with 2 years warranty. For more information about the STIHL warranty, please visit our warranty page.


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